About Us

We can provide employees to our clients within 7 days flat.

We recruit Managing Directors, General Managers, Finance Directors, Bankers, Insurers, Accountants, Auditors, Engineers, Human Resource Managers, NGO staff, IT professionals, Scientists etc.  We recruit for private and public companies, parastatals, NGO’s governments and co-operative societies, SACCO’s and educational institutions.  For the last four decades, we have recruited many executives for our very many satisfied clients throughout Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Region.

Bentleys updates and maintains a massive CV databank.  This means that we can get your candidate(s) extremely fast saving you the press advertisement costs and valuable time.

Should our CV database not yield a suitable candidate to fill your vacancy, we will use our extensive network to head hunt a suitable candidate.  We are also able to design and place press advertisements, with your approval.  A press advertisement draws an immediate wider spectrum of candidates giving you lots of choice.

After identifying and interviewing several candidates per vacancy, Bentleys will forward to you the top 3 candidates’ names and interview assessment notes.  You will then agree with Bentleys on a mutually convenient date and time for further assessment of the shortlisted candidates and selection of the candidate who best meets your needs.  An offer will thereafter be made to the successful candidate.

Recruitment Costs

Press advertising costs are met entirely by the client.  Bentleys requests the client to issue an advance cheque, and in the name of the newspaper to carry the advertisement or in favour of Bentleys.  No press advertisement will be inserted without your authority.  We thereafter hand over the cheque and press artwork to the newspaper.  Alternatively, you may place the press advertisement in your preferred daily.

Recruitment Fee

Once you engage the successful candidate and they accept the offer and report on duty as agreed, Bentleys will send you an invoice equivalent to the candidate’s one month’s gross package + 16% VAT.  The fee is payable by the client, not the candidate.  Our minimum recruitment fee is Ksh 40,000 + 16% VAT even if the candidate will earn less than that amount.  If you require group hiring, we can negotiate the total costs.

Cancellations Of Requests

An administration fee of Kshs. 15,000/= is charged for cancellation of service officially requested for.

Note: We guarantee to replace any of our candidates who get sacked or resign during the probation period free of charge. This shall only apply if the employer has not breached the employment contract by either failing to pay salary or a formally promised benefit. However, the client shall pay necessary advertisement.

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