With growing use of electronic data processing as a means of providing timely, accurate and meaningful information for decision making, Bentleys International Consulting Ltd is able to provide the following services:

Pre-installation Surveys

Carry out surveys of existing applications, systems and procedures and assess information needs of clients.

Hardware and Software Assessment and Selection

Provide solutions based on our understanding of the client's business and information requirements and recommend appropriate hardware and software to suit the client's needs.


Design and implementation of LAN/WAN networks and advise on networking topology and cabling standards.

Software Development

Provide cutting edge software development solutions in strategic partnership with leading software developers.

Security Reviews

Carry out comprehensive reviews of security controls using state-of-the-art tools and provide solutions based on best practices.

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

Provide advice on preventive measures that each organization should have in place to minimize the risks and costs of any disruption. Our solutions are tailored to the size of the client and their reliance on electronic data processing and criticality of the information or application.

Risks Assessment Audits

Review the risks that exist within the organization and provide practical solutions to control and mitigate these risks. We provide advice on how clients can make effective use of data mining tools including CAAT (Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques), etc, in their routine business operations.


Train users on effective use of operating and application software so as to enhance the utility and benefits to the organization.

E-commerce Solutions

Provide solutions on web design and development, intranet and extranet, etc, which will help clients enhance their business potential and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Emerging Technologies

Provide consultancy in areas of technologies such as SMS, e.t.c, and assist clients in implementation of the same.

Quality Assurance

Assist in designing IT strategic plans, advise on quality assurance standards and carry out total quality assurance audits