Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment tools help clients assess employee competence in selected skills and their potential for future growth. At Bentleys, we use the most appropriate Psychometric assessment tools. It can be used as part of the recruitment process and for career planning, particularly when considering a promotion or transfer to a new career line and level of responsibility. The results can be used to develop individual training plans and careers, and in succession planning. It can also be a powerful tool during team building and team selection.

Organisation Review

Our approach provides an organization with the tools geared towards remaining competitive and efficient in the industry. We are also able to assess the organization and, if needed, put in place appropriate systems, which capture relationships, roles and responsibilities, and establish reporting lines


Restructuring involves the process of redesigning structures, grouping roles and activities to coordinate the relationships among the various hierachical lines within the organization. Restructuring usually follows an organization review and will reflect the way the organization is organized and coordinates work.

Job Analysis, Evaluation and Pay Structure

A job analysis involves the gathering of job related information in an organization. The information collected describes the tasks and responsibilities, level of supervision and authority, and working conditions that characterize the job. Job analysis can be linked to job evaluation; the purpose of which is to establish the relative ranking of jobs within an organization by means of a systematic and detailed analysis, and valuing of the job content.

Management Audits

Providing assurance on the suitability of existing manpower to effectively carry out the responsibilities and tasks allocated to them, and providing advice on possible areas of strengthening the staff capabilities.

Manpower Planning

Advising on the optional manpower requirements based on the client's current and future needs.

Human Resource Policies & Procedures

Reviewing, designing and documenting human resources policies and procedures including overall structure, general administration and staff evaluation amongst others. The policies and procedures are tailored to the client's operating structure and local legislation.

Design of Remuneration & Benefit Structure & Performance Based Reward Schemes

Designing packages that increase staff loyalty and performance, the overall objectives
being to motivate, develop and retain staff by providing adequate compensation packages.